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Scouting Glossary

Scouting, just like any other long-time organizations, has specific terminology that has been passed down over time. However, this can be confusing for the new scout or leader. Below is a list of terms that have been gleaned from various sources, including the national scouting site.

Term Definition
Activity Badges Twenty awards earned by Webelos scouts from different areas of specialty (mental, physical, outdoor, etc.). These awards are modeled after Merit Badges, and help the Webelos Scout earn their rank awards
Arrow of Light "The highest rank earned by the Cub Scout organization, it shows that the Webelos scout is prepared to join the Boy Scout Troop. Most of the accomplishments of the Arrow of Light are similar to the joining rank (""Scout"") of the Boy Scouts. The only Cub Scout badge that may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform."
Arrow Points Electives earned by Wolf and Bear scouts after they have achieved their rank award. Scouts can accumulate the points toward their arrow points (10 electives per arrow point, first is gold; rest are silver), but he cannot receive the arrow point until he has earned the rank award.
Awards Chair /Advancement Chair Committee member of the scout unit in charge of reporting advancements to our District and Council office and purchasing the various awards for the members of the unit.
BALOO Basic Adult Leadership Outdoor Orientation - a one-day training course to prepare the Cub Scout leader to plan for an overnight activity with the Cub Scouts. Every pack event that has an overnight outdoor component must have at least one BALOO trained leader, who is also trained in Youth Protection and Weather Hazards.
Blue and Gold Annual birthday of the Boy Scouts of America (usually in February). This is also the ceremonial time that boys typically bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.
Brag Vest Red felt vest worn to display the non-official items of the scout uniform.
Bridging (see Cross-Over) The ceremony (usually at Blue and Gold) that signifies scouts moving from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts
Buddy System One part of the Safe Swim Defense plan. Swimmers of like ability are paired, check in and out of the water together, and stay within 10 feet of each other during a swim. The buddy system is also used in other Scouting activities for safety reasons.
Camporee A Boy Scout camping event typically with several scout units from across the district in attendance. There is usually one fall camporee and one spring camporee.
Charter The Boy Scouts of America was granted a federal charter in 1916 to provide a program of character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness for all boys. The BSA issues charters annually to approved community organizations to operate Scouting units.
Charter Presentation A formal ceremony at which the charter, Scouter commissions, and membership certificates are presented to organization authorities and members of the unit.
Charter Renewal An annual meeting attended by the chartered organization representative, head of the chartered organization, troop leaders, and unit commissioner for the purpose of completing the charter application and making plans for the charter presentation.
Chartered Organization A religious, civic, fraternal, educational, or other community organization that has applied for and received a charter to operate a Scouting unit.
Chartered Organization Representative (COR) A manager of Scouting in a chartered organization who also represents the organization in the local council and district.
Chief Scout Executive (CSE) The top-ranking professional Scouter of the Boy Scouts of America.
Commissioner A volunteer Scouter who works with troops to help them succeed. In addition to the council commissioner, there are district commissioners, assistant district commissioners, roundtable commissioners, and unit commissioners.
Committee Chair The top administrative position of a unit. There are Committee Chairs for packs, troops, districts and councils.
Council The local governing body of the Boy Scouts of America. A Council is comprised on two or more districts, and many individual units. The Council Board is made up of the Council Scout Executive, District Committee Chairs, various Council Chairs for different Council Committees, and Chartered Organization Representatives. The lead volunteer is the Council President.
Council President The elected volunteer Scouter who heads the council and chairs the executive board.
Council Service Center The business center for the local administration of Scouting.
Court Of Honor A recognition ceremony for those who have met the requirements of any one of the Boy Scout ranks, merit badges, or other awards.
Cracker Barrel Group provided snacks for late night for camping, usually high in carbohydrates and sugars so that the body can store the extra energy for heat overnight.
Cross-Over (Bridging) The ceremony (usually at Blue and Gold) that signifies scouts moving from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts
Cubmaster The individual volunteer in charge of the implementation of program in a Cub Scout Pack. All Den Leaders, Assistant Cubmaster, and Den Chiefs are reportable to the Cubmaster. The Cubmaster is also in charge of the monthly pack nights.
Day Camp (Cub Scouts) A five-day day-time camp for all ages of Cub Scouts where parents and leaders work with the scouts on requirements, activities, crafts, and other fun events.
Day Walker (Reference: Day Camp) Parent volunteers or scout leaders that move with the scouts from station to station at Day Camp, acting as temporary den leaders. The ratio is usually about one adult for every four or five scouts. All Day Walkers, regardless of being a registered leader, must be trained in Youth Protection.
Den A group of five to eight same-grade/age boys who belong to a pack. There are usually several dens in one pack.
Den Chief A Boy Scout or Varsity Scout who helps direct the activities of a Cub Scout den.
Den Meeting Opportunities for individual dens to meet as a group to work on various activities and achievements.
Direct Service Council The national office center through which U.S. citizens in other parts of the world retain membership and affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America.
Director Of Field Service (DFS) A professional Scouter who supervises two or more field directors in a council.
Distinguished Eagle Scout Award A recognition bestowed upon a man who received the Eagle Scout Award 25 or more years ago and has made an unusual contribution to his community.
Distinguished Service Award Presented to Order of the Arrow members who have rendered outstanding service to the Order on a section, area, regional, or national basis.
Distribution Center The warehouse from which BSA equipment, literature, uniforms, and other supplies are dispensed. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina.
District A geographic administrative unit within a council.
District Award Of Merit A recognition for Scouters who give noteworthy service to youth at the district level.
District Commissioner District level volunteer in charge of all other commissioners, and is responsible to oversee the assistance that the District can give to the unit.
District Committee A group of key volunteer Scouters who, through the chartered organization, work to ensure the success of the units.
District Committee Chairman The executive officer of the district committee.
District Executive A professional Scouter who works under the direction of the council Scout executive to support the units and act as an adviser to the volunteer leaders in the district.
Dutch Oven A cast-iron cooking pot placed over coals. Favorite cooking item for most scout units.
Duty Roster A rotational schedule of what individuals or groups are in charge of performing various duties. These are posted ahead of time so that everyone knows their spot in the rotation and so that everyone shares equally in the work.
Eagle Scout The highest rank for Scouts.
Epaulets Should loops on Boy Scout uniforms and adult leader uniforms, with colors pertaining to their program: Cub Scouting= Blue; Boy Scouting=green or red; Varisty Scouting=blaze (orange); Venturing=Green; District and Council=silver; Regional and National=gold
Executive Board The National Executive Board is the governing body of the Boy Scouts of America. There is an executive board in each council which is the policy making body at the local level.
Field Director (Fd) A professional Scouter who is responsible for three or more district executives.
Flag Ceremony Ceremonies involving the posting of the American flag and the unit flag at the beginning of each meeting.
Friends Of Scouting (FOS) An annual opportunity for Scouters and interested people in the community to be identified with the local council through their financial support and influence in the expansion of the council program. Enrollees are known as “Friends.”
Gilwell Park The training center of the British Scout Association and the original home site of Wood Badge training. Located in Epping Forest, England.
God And Country Program Series A series of religious emblems presented to Scouts of the Protestant faiths.
Good Turn A single act of service to others. A distinctive feature of Scouting is its emphasis on service to others. The Good Turn habit is one that all Scouts endeavor to acquire.
Heroism Award A lifesaving award presented to a registered youth member or adult leader who has demonstrated heroism and skill in saving or attempting to save life at minimum risk to self.
High Adventure Refers to National Council or local council high-adventure activities or programs for older Scouts. Most of the programs are listed in the publication Passport to High Adventure.
Honor Medal A lifesaving award presented to Scouts and Scouters who have shown heroism, resourcefulness, and skill in saving or attempting to save life at great risk of their own. May be presented with crossed palms in cases of exceptional skill or resourcefulness and extreme risk to self. Presented by the National Court of Honor.
Investiture A ceremony placing the responsibilities of an office or a rank upon an individual.
Ishkote One of two districts in Rainbow Council. It covers Will, Grundy and Kankakee counties south of interstate 80.
Jamboree A term chosen by Baden-Powell to describe the first international gathering of Scouts camping together in London in 1920. The term is restricted to indicate a national or world jamboree.
Key 3 The district chairman, district commissioner, and district executive within a district.
Klondike Derby A competitive Boy Scout level event conducted by patrols to demonstrate proficiency in Scouting skills, traditionally conducted in the winter.
KYBO An abbreviation for Keep Your Bowels Open. It is an affectionate term for the outhouses and pit toilets at the Scout Reservation.
Leader Knots Emblems worn by leaders who have completed several requirements in regards to their position's tenure, training and performance.
Leader Specific One of three components of adult leader basic training that comprise a fully trained leader. Leader Specific refers to the training that is required for the volunteer's specific position (Cubmaster, Wolf Den Leader, Committee Member). Leader Specific Training is available online at
Leave No Trace A commonsense set of guidelines that allows Scouts to camp, hike, and take part in related outdoor activities in ways that are environmentally sound and considerate to others using the same areas. A Leave No Trace Awareness Award is available to Scouts who fulfill certain requirements.
Long-Term Camping A camping experience consisting of five or more consecutive days and nights in the outdoors.
Merit Badge A recognition given to a Scout for completing the requirements for the badge.
Merit Badge Counselor A registered adult volunteer who is expert in a merit badge field, has the ability to work effectively with Scouts, and certifies that requirements are met.
National Office The administrative offices of the Boy Scouts of America. Address is 1325 West Walnut Hill Lane, P.O. Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015-2079. Phone number is 972-580-2000. Web page address is Often improperly referred to as “home office.”
National Summertime Award An award given to cub scouts, dens and packs for their particiapation in activities during June, July and August.
Order Of The Arrow (OA) Scouting’s national honor society, the members of which have been chosen by their peers for their Scouting spirit and camping ability.
Orienteering A cross-country race to reach a destination and certain checkpoints along the way with the use of a map and compass.
OWL Training (Outdoor Webelos Leader) Two-day training for the Webelos leader in preparing them for taking their Webelos scouts on an overnight experience.
Pack A type of organization unit in the Boy Scouts of America, chartered by a specific organization, to implement the Cub Scout program in their community for boys age first grade through 11.
Pack Committee Group of volunteers from within the pack that handle the administrative work (budget, membership, etc.)
Pack Night A once-a-month gathering of all of the dens within a Cub Scout Pack, planned and implemented by the Cubmaster team, in which the scouts perform skits, sing songs, and receive award recognitions.
Pack Trainer A volunteer Scouter from within the unit that keeps track of the training records of the leaders and fascilitates getting the training completed for all of the leaders.
Packmaster Software designed by Troopmaster Software to assist in the administration and record keeping of the pack, including members and awards.
Patrol A Boy Scout level group of five to eight boys who belong to a troop and work together in and out of troop meetings. There are usually several patrols in one troop.
Patrol Leader (PL) The youth leader of the Boy Scout patrol, elected by its members.
Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) Each patrol leader of a Boy Scout Troop, representing his patrol, meets with the other patrol leaders and the senior patrol leader to plan their troop program. The Scoutmaster acts as an adviser.
Pedro The long-eared, four-footed mailburro of the “Hitchin’ Rack” column in Boys’ Life magazine.
Philmont Scout Ranch National high-adventure base covering over 137,000 acres in northern New Mexico. Includes a center for volunteer training. Address is Cimarron, NM 87714.
Pinewood Derby Pinewood derby is an activity for all Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts. Boys build wooden race cars with adult assistance and race them down pinewood tracks for prizes and trophies. Other similar activities are the Raingutter Regatta (boats) and Space Derby (spaceships).
Professional A registered, full-time employee of the Boy Scouts of America who has successfully completed formal training at the Center for Professional Development.
Program Staff (Reference: Day Camp) Parent volunteers or scout leaders that teach the scouts at various stations at Day Camp. All Program Staff at Day Camp, regardless of being a registered leader, must be trained in Youth Protection.
Quality Unit Award/Centennial Award
Recognition given each charter year to units that commit to and meet specified national standards pertaining to leader training, service, advancement, camping, and membership growth.
Raingutter Regatta The Raingutter Regatta is a day of racing for all Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts. The boys build wooden boats with adult assistance and race them for prizes or trophies
Red And Green Similar to Blue and Gold, this anniversary celebration of the birth of scouting takes place in February at the Boy Scout Troop level.
Region One of four large geographical administrative units of the BSA: Central Region, Southern Region, Western Region, and Northeast Region.
Registration The payment of an annual registration fee; one of the requirements for membership in the Boy Scouts of America.
Resident Camp (Cub Scouts) A three-day event during the summer in which Wolf, Bear and Webelos scouts work on rank requirements, activities and fun events.
Round Table A monthly program-planning and morale building meeting for adult leaders.
Roundup A program to stimulate member-to-nonmember invitation to join a Scout troop.
Run-On Similar to a skit - a comical routine performed at a campfire, dining hall, troop night, pack night, etc. These are usually performed by the youth. The difference is that a Run-On is EXTREMELY short (one or two lines of dialog)
Safe Swim Defense A plan with eight defenses for safe swimming.
Safety Afloat Guidelines for safe troop activity afloat in craft less than 26 feet long.
Scout Executive (SE) The professional staff leader and secretary of a local council.
Scout Reservation An area of land wholly owned by the Boy Scouts of America usually maintained by a local Council. Rainbow Council has a 750 acre scout reservation in Morris, which is at the same location as Rainbow Council's Service Center.
Scouter A registered adult member of the BSA who serves in a volunteer or professional capacity.
Scouting Magazine The official magazine for all volunteer scout leaders
Scouting University A day-long educational session for adult leaders in scouting, providing resources and specialist for various skills and talents needed by leaders
Scoutlander A website that provides free multi-user website space for the units of the Boy Scouts of America.
Scoutmaster The commissioned volunteer leader, 21 or older, of a Boy Scout troop; appointed by the chartered organization.
Scoutmaster Conference A distinctive feature of the troop advancement plan in which a Scoutmaster helps a Scout accept responsibility for his own growth toward each rank.
Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) The elected boy leader of a Boy Scout Troop who runs the troop meetings and the patrol leaders’ council meetings, with the guidance of the Scoutmaster.
Service Center The location where the Council Executive, District Executives and Council Staff conduct their administrative work. This is also the location of at least one of the Council's scout shops (Rainbow Council has only one shop and Service Center - in Morris).
Service Patrol The name given to a patrol that has accepted an extra work assignment for the good of the troop.
Service Star An insignia worn over the left shirt pocket of the uniform to denote number of years of service. Silver Antelope Award. A recognition given by the
Shooting Sports Archery and Air-Rifle BB Guns - these activities can ONLY take place at Council or District sponsored events and ONLY if there is a qualified range master present.
Skit A short comical routine, usually rehearsed, performed at a campfire, dining hall, troop night, pack night, etc. These are usually performed by the youth.
Slide The part of the uniform that holds the neckerchief in place.
Space Derby The space derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America that is similar to the pinewood derby car race. Cub Scouts (the young-age division of the Boy Scouts of America) race miniature balsa wood rockets that are propelled by a rubber band and propeller.
Summer Camp (Boy Scouts) A Boy Scout week-long summer event in which the boys stay in tents in rustic settings and camps, working on various merit badges and fun activities.
Swimmer Test A specific set of tests to ascertain a minimum level of swimming ability required for deep-water swimming.
This is Scouting
An introductory course to the Boy Scouts of America. This course is one of three components of adult leader basic training that comprise a fully trained leader.
Totin’ Chip A recognition given to Boy Scouts who subscribe to the Outdoor Code and understand and can demonstrate the proper handling, care, and use of woods tools.
Tour Permit Permit designed to assist units in planning safe, healthful, and enjoyable trips and to ensure that proper procedures will be followed in case of emergency.
Trained Patch A rectangular patch worn on the left sleeve indicating that a leader has been fully trained in their position.
Troop A type of organization unit in the Boy Scouts of America, chartered by a specific organization, to implement the Boy Scout program in their community for boys age 11-17.
Troop Night Similar to a pack night, this is a (usually weekly) meeting of the Boy Scout unit.
Two-Deep A component of Youth Protection guidelines that stipulate that at ALL times, there are at least two adults present with any youth.
Uniform Distinctive clothing worn by Scouts and Scouters.
Unit Generic term used to designate a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Squad, or Venturing Crew.
Unit Commissioner A scouting volunteer that is assigned by the District Commissioner to provide district level support and advice to the individual unit.
Venture Patrol An optional older-boy patrol (ages 13 through 17) within a Scout troop.
Venturing A stand-alone program of the BSA for young men and women ages 14 through 20 who have completed the eighth grade and who subscribe to the Venturing Oath and Code.
Venturing Crew The unit that conducts Venturing for the chartered organization; its members are called Venturers
Veteran A recognition status accorded to members of Scouting who have served five years or more. Units can also achieve veteran status and may display veteran insignia on their flag or uniform.
Waapi Lenaswa One of two districts in Rainbow Council. It covers Will and Grundy counties north of interstate 80.
Weather Hazards Training An online training program instructing adult leaders in being prepared in case of severe weather. See BALOO.
Webelos The program for Cub Scouts in fourth and fifth grade that prepares them for Boy Scouts.
Webelos Den Chief An older Boy Scout who has been appointed to help direct the activities of a Webelos den.
Whitlin' Chip Specific award earned Bear year and up that shows that the scout has learned and understands the technique for safely handling a pocket knife at scout functions.
Woggle (See Slide) A two-strand turks-head knot worn by Wood Badge recipients as one of their emblems of achievement. The woggle is worn as a neckerchief slide.
Wood Badge The most advanced training available for Scout Leaders who are involved in the programs of the Boy Scouts of America. It comprises two weekends (one of management and team building skills and one of outdoor activities and team building). The final component is a project designed by the leader, that requires implementation over the course of 18 months.
World Conservation Award An award emphasizing the importance of our natural resources and our interdependence with other countries in fulfilling our mutual needs.
World Scout Crest An international award earned by participating in a meaningful international Scouting experience. May be obtained through the local council.
Youth Protection One of three components of adult leader basic training that comprise a fully trained leader. Youth Protection training deals with keeping youth safe from harm in abuse situations, and also protects leaders from putting themselves in situations that could lead to accusations. Youth Protection Training is available online at and must be renewed every two years. This training is required for ALL registered scout leaders, regardless of their position in scouting.